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Kuje Lhakhang in Bumthang

Located at an altitude of 2600m-4500m/8530ft-14765ft.The place is very beautiful and also known as the land of Switzerland. Bumthang is one of the famous religious place in Bhutan.It is the home for Pema Lingpa the 15th century treasure discovered, the great Buddhist saint. Many temples and monasteries, some of which are the most scared and oldest in Bhutan. Bumthang valley,This region is also known for the unique designs and patterns of hand woven Yathra from the fibers of yak and sheep wool.

Kuje Lhakhang is one of the most religious site in Bumthang.Kurje Monastery comprises of three temples. The one on the right was built in 1652 on the rock face where Guru Rinpoche mediated in 8th century. Second temple was built on the site of a cave containing a rock with the imprint of Guru’s body and is therefore considered as most holy. The third temple was built in 1990s by Ashi Kesang the queen mother. These three temples were surrounded 108 stupas.