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Bhutan at Glance

Location :In the Himalayas between China (North) and India (South)

Area: 38394 sq. Km.

Altitude: 100m in the South to more than 7500m in the North

Governance: Democratic Constitutional Monarchy

State Religion: Buddhism

Capital city: Thimphu

No. Of Districts: 20

Population: 735553 (2017).

Currency: Ngultrum (at par with the Indian Rupee)

Exchange Rate: 1 USD=Nu. 66 (approx.)

Adult Literacy Rate: 54% (2000)

Forest overage: 72.5%

Local Time: 6 hours ahead of GMT

National Language: Dzongkha

National Flower: Blue Poppy

National Animal: Takin

National Tree: Cypress

National Bird: Raven

National Game: Archery

National Butterfly: Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail

Location of Bhutan