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Welcome to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

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Bhutan Happiness is a place.

Bhutan, voted as one of the worlds top travel destinations today, having ranked second by Wanderlust, an internationally recognized travel magazine based in the United Kingdom.

Bhutan is one of the small, hidden Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas to unlock the doors to its mysteries. The Land of the Thunder Dragon, as its original name “Drugyul” implies, was never colonized and has maintained its sovereignty and in depending through the centuries, repelling invasions from the strongholds of its fortified monasteries called Dzongs (Fortress)

Bhutan, also known as the last Shangri-La, is nestled in the eastern Himalayas between China in the north and India in the south. Bhutan’s culture and traditional lifestyle is still richly intact, and at the same time infuses all strands of modernity. Modernization is cautiously planned and controlled, in order to maintain, a balance between tradition and modernity. It is a country where Gross National Happiness (GNH) is the official development policy. And the mandate of modern Bhutan that checks the onslaught of globalization with the traditions and culture that have given the Bhutanese, a unique identity through the ages.
The unique and raw natural beauty, that gives Bhutan (Drukyul) Land of the Thunder Dragon, well known to the other nations world today as “Land of peaceful and Happiness Nation” that comes from another time, offers you a perfect cultural setting for your getaway! Bhutan is one of the safest and renowned destinations for the travellers from outside today as holidays, adventures and trekkings.

Local Bhutan Tours & Travel is one of the Bhutanese Tour Operator licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (Royal Government of Bhutan) based in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. Our office is managed by well-experienced professional staffs. We assured to offer you high quality services, comfortable cars, better accommodations, well experienced and knowledgeable tour guide. Our aim is to make your stay comfortable and enjoy your holidays with memorable one.
Please get in touch with us for all kinds of tours and treks to all corners of Bhutan. We assure you the best and the most memorable trip you have ever made!

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