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Cultural Sightseeing Tours
Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness stresses the preservation of traditional cultural over development. You can experience and witness the unique and pristine, culture and traditions of Bhutan. You can also take part in the cultural practices and customs of the Bhutanese people in a number of ways. Real charm  (mask dances) of Bhutan is found in the generosity, wisdom and hospitality of its people.

Spiritual Tours
Bhutan is a sacred land with a very rich spiritual history. Spiritual seekers will find numerous sacred monasteries, pilgrimage sites and countless number of prayer flags that dot all the valleys. You can experience communion with the divine through contemplation, meditation, and by visiting one of the most sacred and revered Taktshang (Tigers nest) monastery, located precariously on a sheer cliff and this is where, your search for wisdom, inspiration, solitude, and happiness ends here. The Buddhist saint Guru Rinpoche is said to have flown here on the back of a tiger in the 8thcentury.

Festival Tours
Witness rare masked and sword dances during the religious festivals held annually in the fortresses and monasteries of Bhutan throughout the country in various times of the year. Fortresses come to life with music, dance and colors. Annual festivals are special spiritual occasion in each district, and are the best way to be acquainted with the real spirit of Bhutan.

Popular Festival Tours in Bhutan
Punakha Drubchen (West)
Gasa Tshechu (North)
Paro Tshechu (West)
Gomphu Kora (East)
Nimalung monastery (Central)
Trongsa Festival (Central)
Kuje lhakhang Tshechu (Central)
Haa summer (West)
Thimphu Tshechu (Capital West)
Wangdi Phodrang (West)
Black neck crane (West)
Jambay Lhakhang Tshechu (Central)
Dochula Drukgyel festival. (West)

Adventure and Trekking
Trekking in Bhutan is unique and a wonderful experience, and vary from short three-day walks across low altitudes to even 21 days of high altitude climb. Trekking in Bhutan offers a combination of natural discovery and an insight into the Bhutan’s delicate and unique way of life.  We provide a wide variety of adventure and trekking activities; from short walks across low altitudes to the arduous 25-day legendary Snowman Trek that climbs 12 mountain passes, or simply witnessing the panoramic view of the sacred and revered snow-capped mountains which are considered as abode of gods. Tour and trekking guides, trained and certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan will accompany, and guide you every step of the trek. Provisions and luggage are carried by mountain horses / yaks. The horseman and cook will usually run ahead during a trek, and will have prepared meals, set up tents, and readied the area for the arriving trekkers. All guides speak fluent English, and are well versed about Bhutan’s history, traditions and culture.

Popular Trekkings in Bhutan
Druk Path Trek ( 6 days)
Samtengang Trek ( 4 days)
Gangtey Trek ( 4 days)
Bumthang Cultural Trek (3 days)
Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek ( 7 days)
Jomolhari Loop Trek I – ( 7 days)
Jhomolhari Thimphu Trek II – ( 9 days)
Jomolhari Laya-Gasa Trek III- ( 13 days)
Merak Sakteng Trek ( 7 days)
Snowman Trek I (26 days)
Snowman Trek II (26 days)

We take personal approach to all trips, and we are happy to arrange special requests such as a wedding ceremony or birthday party in Bhutan. You can get married in Bhutan, in traditional Bhutanese style and attires.

Bird Watching
Bhutan, is today, one of the world’s top ten global hotspots, and is home to an astonishing variety of exotic flora and fauna. Bhutan’s environment is as diverse as its culture, and harbours some of the most exotic species of eastern Himalayas including the endangered Black-Necked Crane that migrate to Bhutan, from the central Asiatic Plateau to escape its harsh winters. With more than 675 species of birds, Bhutan enjoys a reputation as a bird-watchers paradise.

Photography Tours
We provide you a rare opportunity to capture Bhutan’s pristine and natural environment, and the very Bhutanese way of life with your lens!

Conference Tour for Officials
We also organize conference tour form any country in Bhutan. It is a good opportunity for officials to have visit and enjoy sightseeing those important places while conferencing in Bhutan.

Filming Tours
We provide filming tours to the exotic locations and to all corners of Bhutan! We will obtain approval from the Royal Government of Bhutan.

Games and Sports
Archery is Bhutan’s national sport. In addition to the modern bows and arrows, Bhutanese archers also use traditional bows and arrows made of bamboo. Archery matches in Bhutan involves singing, dancing and cheering. You can witness national level archery matches at the archery ground near the Changlingmithang Sports Stadium in capital.

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Home stay or farm house Tours
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