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Bhutan is one of the most religious countries in the Tibetan Buddhist world. And like in all Buddhist nations. Festivals have a special place in the hearts of its residents. Most of the Bhutanese festivals commemorate the deeds of the Buddha, or those of the great masters of the past associated with one Buddhist tradition or another. Bhutanese culture is characterized by religious celebrations. Its people love socializing, attending festivals, joking, playing and doing all the things that help them to be in the spirit of celebration read more

Top Attractions For Tourist

Taktsang monastery (Tiger Nest) which is perched on an edge of a steep cliff at 900m above Paro valley, Taktsang(Tigers Nest) monastery is one of the Bhutan’s most sacred and revered monastery.Guru Rinpoche,who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan, is said to have arrived here on the back of a tigress from Singye Dzong in Lhuentse eastern part of Bhutan and mediated in a cave for three months where Taktshang monastery today stands. All the Bhutanese people make it a point to visit this monastery at least once in their lifetime. read more

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