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Eastern Bhutan

It takes eight hours to reach Mongar via car from Bumthang. Travelling from Bumthang to Mongar is one of the most beautiful and spectacular in Bhutan, crossing Thrumshing La pass that peaks at 3750m.This journey takes you across a numerous waterfalls, steep cliffs and constantly changing vegetation. Mongar marks the beginning of eastern Bhutan highway. Mongar is situated on the side of a hill.

Mongar Dzong

Mongar’s main attraction is the Mongar Dzong. This fortress, like other fortresses of Bhutan, houses the district administration offices and the monastic body.


Execursion around in Mongar.

It is 77 km from Mongar and takes about three hours drive to reach Lhuentse. Lhuentse is one of the most isolated districts of the country. Lhuentse us a beautiful place with spectacular landscape of stark cliffs, gorges, thick forest and coniferous.

Lhuntse Dzong

Lhuentse Dzong is located on a ridge overlooking Kuri Chhu river and the view of this fortress is worth seeing for its beauty. This district is known for its weavers and their special weaving skills in producing Kushuthara, the most expensive and the most beautiful hand- woven textile, considered being the best in Bhutan Kurtoe is the ancestral home of the Royal family of Bhutan.



Trashigangis the largest and heart of the eastern Bhutan. Trashigang is the centre of east-west highway that connects the Indian state of Assam via the southern district of Samdrup Jongkhar. Trashigang is also an important market place for the semi nomadic people from Merak and Sakteng.

Trashigang is one of the Bhutans more interesting towns and a good base for excursions to Tashiyangtse,Khaling,Radi, Phongmey and elsewhere in eastern Bhutan.

Trashigang Dzong

Trashigang Dzong was built in 1659, and today, this fortress serves as the district administration offices, and houses the monastic body. The fortress commands a remarkable and a spectacular view over the surrounding area of Trashigang


An interesting sight in Trashigang is a long suspension bridge called Chazam (iron bridge) .This Iron Bridge is said to have been built by Thangthong Gyalpo, a Tibetan bridge builder in the 15th century. About 2km away from Gom Kora temple is another iron chain-link bridge. This is the last remaining bridge of those built by the iron bridge builder.

Rangjung Woesel Chholing monastery:

This monastery is more than half an hour drive from Tashi gang town.it is a Nyingmapa monastery founded by Garab Rinpochhe in 1990.one can get a good view of the valley from the monastery.


Trashiyangtse region is known for a variety of exquisite functional and decorative products like wooden bowls and cups, which are known to be the best in Bhutan.

Trashiyangtse Dzong
Trashiyangtse Dzong was built in the later 1990s when the new district was created.

Chorten Korea

Based on the shape of the Boudnath temple in Nepal, this stupa was built in 1740 by Lama Ngawang Loday. An interesting annual festival known as kora is held there. People from all parts of the country and from the nearby state of Arunachal Pradesh district of India also come to take part in the festival.



Bomdeling is the winter resting place of the black-necked cranes. In the winter, the cranes migrate to Bomdeling.Bomdeling is a calm, serene and beautiful place to visit the villages, who live in harmony with nature and their surroundings.


Gom Kora

Gom Kora is a temple situated few kilometres away from Trashigang. Guru Rinpoche is said to have mediated in a cave, in the huge black rock just behind the temple, in order to subdue a demon who dwelt in that rock. Today we can see the impression of his thumb, his hat, and his body on the rock. Every spring, all people from the nearby districts including as far as from Tawang and Arunachal Pradesh come to participate in the festival held at Gom Kora, and circumambulate the temple and the rock throughout the night.